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Congratulation to Donna Nuce! She won a copy of The Promise Bride signed by both me and Gina. Donna, please use the "Contact Me" page to send me your mailing address so I can get your prize mailed.

Gina and I spent the last six days enjoying this view and working on the final two books in this series. We didn't finish everything, but we figured out how to...well, you'll have to buy the books. Let's just say that--while we solved some cliffhangers leftover in book one--we added another to book two which needed a resolution in the final story.

I'm using today to type up our notes because my parents are flying in tonight. I'll be showing them some of the sights here and then we're travelling to North Carolina to enjoy some more. Fall is in the air--finally--so I'm hoping to take them on a driving tour to take advantage of the beauty.

Off to work I go!

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