One day at work, I saw an article in the newspaper about how the army was so desperate for chaplains they had raised the age limit to forty-seven. Fifteen months later, I was an army wife at the ripe old age of forty-six. Ten months into my new life, I was facing a year-long deployment. My husband made me promise that, while he was gone, I would do something about all the stories I'd written through the years. I joined the local American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) group in September, 2010 and got my first contract in March, 2014. 


When I'm not writing, I am a faithful member of the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC). It's a Bible study and fellowship group

that has become my place to find "family" away from home.

In addition to writing, I enjoy singing, playing the violin, and

papercrafting.  You can see some of my cards and other projects over

at http://becca-expressions.blogspot.com.


And if you're really curious...


I grew up in Tacoma, Washington with two siblings and a cat named "Gustav." My parents were big on lessons. Their philosophy was, "The busier you keep a kid, the less trouble he can get into." It's a pretty good philosophy.  My dad was a music teacher, so in addition to violin lessons, I also took voice and piano. I still sing and play violin but can barely plunk out a tune on the piano. My mother was the "Most Athletic Girl in the Ninth Grade," so I also took ballet and swimming lessons.


I attended George Fox College (now University) where I majored in Language Arts Education.  I also got my "MRS" degree when I got married over Christmas break during my senior year. My husband likes to remind me that his grades went up while mine went down.  After graduation, I taught English for five years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and raising two, amazing (if I do say so myself) children. Once they were off to college, I went back to school to become a paralegal.  That's where I read the newspaper article about the army needing chaplains.  I've not worked in a classroom or office since.


So far, I've lived in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alaska, South Carolina, and Virginia.



Becca Whitham



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