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Happy Birthday to ME

What a great year this has been. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I'm celebrating by giving away three copies of The Promise Bride signed by both Gina Welborn and me. Gina is coming to South Carolina next week so we can brainstorm the final book in the Montana Brides series. We left book two with a twist even WE weren't expecting and have no idea how we are going to pull it off in the final book...but that's part of the fun.

One of the things Gina and I agree on is to trust the story. Early on in the process of writing book two, she introduced a character because she had a feeling he was going to be important. He wasn't part of our original story plan but I trusted Gina. Turns out this additional character resolved book two and was a central reason for our unexpected set up for book three. We're trusting God tor reveal how we're supposed to handle this new plot twist as we hash out the story.

Because Gina will be here, we'll have a chance to sign copies together. Please go to my "Contact Me" page and leave me a quick message to enter. I'm off for a weekend away with my hubs. I'll be drawing names on October 14 when Gina is here.

Until next time,


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