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The Promise Bride: Reviews

Reviews for The Promise Bride are rolling in. So exciting!

“Co-authors Welborn and Whitham launch a new series, Montana Brides, with a dauntless, winning heroine, a complex hero, an engaging supporting cast, and a light message of faith…Sweet and appealing, this historical romance hits a nice tone as it touches on a variety of themes.”– Kirkus Reviews

“This mail-order bride novel as it all – likeable characters, intriguing suspense, a dash of wry humor, and a swoon-worthy romance! Emilia Stanek is a strong heroine with a soft heart, and fellow bookworms will enjoy her fondness for reading. Sheriff Mac McCall will keep readers reaching for their fans, his initial gruffness offset by his tender (yet wounded) heart and – let’s admit – his hotness. The mystery thread in this Montana Brides Romance gives enough structure to support the plot and heighten the romantic tension without overpowering the story. More importantly, the plight of that era’s marginalized citizens proves equally timely and touching today.”– RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“Welborn and Whitham’s novel moves swiftly and is filled with appealing characters – especially Emilia and Mac, whose slow-simmering attraction will please fans of inspirational romance.” - Publishers Weekly

PW did a great summation of the story, so here's their full review:

Welborn and Whitham’s first Montana Brides novel demonstrates one woman’s tenacity in the face of tragedy in 1887 Montana territory. Emilia Stanek, determined to make a better life for herself and her family, accepts an offer to become a mail-order bride for Finn Collins and moves from Chicago to Helena, Mont., with her siblings, Roch and Luci. But when Emilia arrives, she’s met by Sheriff Mac McCall, who informs her that Finn has been murdered. Since there’s nothing for her in Chicago, Emilia decides to stay in Helena and file the power of attorney paperwork to legalize her marriage, despite the dangers she may face. As she begins paying off Finn’s debts by working for those to whom he owed money, Emilia and her siblings become part of the community. Finn’s friend Mac, working tirelessly to find out who killed him, becomes attracted to the young widow who is reluctant to accept his help. But when Mac learns a secret about Finn that could destroy Emilia’s reputation, his efforts to protect her become more personal in nature. Welborn and Whitham’s novel moves swiftly and is filled with appealing characters—especially Emilia and Mac, whose slow-simmering attraction will please fans of inspirational romances.

If you want to hear what readers are saying, click HERE to link to GoodReads.

Gina and I finished book 2 in this series a couple days ago. It went someplace we weren't expecting. We'll see if our editor likes the destination.

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