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Some of US are hurting today. Some of US are rejoicing. Some of US want to crawl into a cave and hide for the next four years. Some of US are excited about what the next four years could bring. But one thing is sure, all of US have a new president-elect.


I've read a number of posts on Facebook today from friends who went to bed crying last night. I've done that before...multiple times...and yet we are still US. Apparently the Canadian Immigration site crashed last night because of the number of people looking at it, the implication being they want to flee US for a place they see as being better than US. I've done that before, too. And yet, we are still US.

Can I ask those of you who want to run away--who feel like your fight was all for naught--to stay true? Please. US needs you. US needs people to fight for social justice and change, the same way US needs people to fight for traditional values.

If you are part of the US that lost last night, don't give up the fight. If you are part the US that won last night, don't stop listening to the people who disagree. Much was made about how divided we are as a nation. Yes. US is divided, but so is a scale. If US is going to maintain a balance, everyone needs to do their part. The problem is, those of US on one side of the scale sometimes think that the best way to affect change is to throw boulders at those of US on the other side of the scale in an attempt to maim, kill, and destroy.

That does nothing for US.

What does help is for those of US who are worried about how this election affects ________ (fill in the name of a people group) to take action to protect both their rights as citizens and dignity as people. If US channels our disappointment into action (and throwing social media boulders doesn't count), it helps all of US. For those of US who have been worried about how protecting the rights of some citizens has infringed on the rights of others, it is time to examine what rights US owes to every citizen in a calm, measured way.

US works best when we disagree. It maintains our national balance so neither side ever gains too much power. So, please, take a minute to be thankful for US--especially the US you disagree with.

Because US needs all of US.

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