• Becca Whitham

Whirlwind Activity

I love the imagery of “whirlwind activity” because it perfectly describes my brain right now. One thought takes center stage and, before I can act on it, a different one swirls to the front to be replaced by another and another and another. Here are a few of the things that have been whirling through my thoughts for the last week:

  1. Finish writing novella for Barbour. Due April 15 for release in November

  2. Finish synopsis for novella that’s due to editor in the next few days

  3. Respond to interview questions for guest spot on a blog

  4. Clean house

  5. Prepare talk for marriage retreat

  6. Help write customized lyrics to “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder” to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday

  7. Decide if I can fit another novella into my writing schedule that already feels overwhelming

  8. Clean house

  9. Shop and prepare food for a Chaplain Spouse’s coffee

  10. Pack for month long trip

  11. Pack books for month long trip

  12. Read library books so I can return them before I leave for month long trip

  13. Prepare for launch party on Facebook

  14. Clean house

  15. Figure out how to cram ready-to-eat food into my already stuffed freezer so hubby eats something while I’m on my month long trip

  16. Get latest revisions to crit group so the novella I turn into Barbour on April 15 is worth reading…and that takes me back to item number one so we can start the whole process over again.

Anyone else struggle to keep a single thought in your brain long enough that you get something done?

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