• Becca Whitham

Starting Over

With every new year, I commit to doing certain things better. And every year, about this time, I've already fallen off. Changing habits is very, very hard. But I read a book several years of those "you'll never look at ____ the same way again" stories. It's called The Girl in the Glass by Susan Meissner. The basic story questions are, "What if the Renaissance wasn’t just a period of history? What if it could happen again?”

I love this story because, about this time, I need to be reminded that every year, every month, every day--in point of fact, every moment--is an opportunity to recreate. To start new. To start afresh.

Now that my case of the shingles is receding and my brain is beginning to function again, it’s time to put this lesson in place and start to make a difference in me.

Just for today. Maybe just for a moment. But, by building one good thing on top of another, I can reinvent myself with every choice.


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