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Love that Man!

Today I'm celebrating 31 years of marriage. It hardly seems possible. And yet, sometimes, it feels like I've been married to him a good way. I have memories I'm sure I've shared with him only to realize we hadn't even met.

For example, we went to see the latest Star Wars movie last night. On the way there, I was looking up when the original movies released because I was sure we'd seen them together. The first movie was released in 1977. Nathan and I didn't get together until 1983. It's possible we saw the third (or Episode VI) together, but not the first two, yet it still feels like I saw them with him.

Why is that?

I suppose it doesn't matter. What counts is that my life is so intertwined with his that all my best memories include him.

In our 31 years, we've had thirteen addresses in five states, raised two children, had four dogs, six careers, and suffered a crushing that altered much about our family. Through it all, the relationship between Nathan and me has remained the calm in the eye of the storm. We've fought, we've had times when we didn't like each other much, and we've been emotionally distant for seasons, but our marriage has never been in jeopardy. The biggest reason for that is because we chose wisely in the first place.

One of the reasons I write romance is because I want to share the wisdom I gleaned before choosing to marry Nathan. I learned tidbits from my parents, a bit from the women at my church, a few things from my sister, and a little more from experience. After marriage, I learned a whole lot--things I didn't know to look for in a spouse but am glad were part of the package that is my husband. Being an army wife has taught me another thing: I can survive without my husband, but it's like living in black and white. Nathan brings the color and vibrancy to my world.

I love that man!

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