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Making a House a Home

In about an hour, hubby and I will be viewing a house that will most likely become our new home. For those of you unaware of how military housing works, you apply for on-post housing by listing your rank, number of dependents, and any special needs like someone in a wheelchair requiring a single-story house. There's also a place for special considerations you'd like the housing office to try to accommodate. We listed my crafting cabinet as a consideration. (I think it should qualify as an actual dependent, but the army doesn't see it that way).

Today, we'll get a "take it or leave it" look. If we "leave it," we go to the bottom of the waiting list and, when our number comes back around, we'll get one more "take it or leave it" look before we're off the list entirely. Since the time between the two looks would probably be 90 days, we're pretty sure were taking this place. Pretty sure meaning we're taking it unless there's toxic waste on the floor.

We've seen the floor plan, viewed a few interior picture, and driven through the neighborhood. Apparently, it comes with one accent wall in the living/dining room that's painted a soft green. I have the option of painting other walls, but I'd have to prime them before leaving. With memories of my exhaustion after the lastest pack out, I'm not sure I want to add that to my "to do" list on the other end. However, I'm tired of living with boring walls.

All of this prefaces my question today. What turns a house into a home? Do paint colors help? After all our moves, I can tell you that my spirit relaxes when the furniture is in place and the pictures are hung. And, after working hard to paint a prior home, I know how much I loved the personalization. But does any of it matter because, no matter how much I paint and decorate, this is a temporary home. In a few years, I'll be packing up and moving to a new place.

There's a spiritual application here, too, but I'm not prepared to delve into it right now. I'm filled with more questions than answers...on both fronts. And, if I don't wrap this up, I'll miss my "take it or leave it" viewing.

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