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My niece graduated today, and I got to watch it. Since hubby and I have been on our army adventure, we've missed many of these family milestones. It was wonderful to watch. The keynote speaker was a teacher who was retiring after 41 years at the same school. He gave some great advice; one point in particular bears repeating.

He started with the parable about building a house on a rock vs. on the sand. The rains came, the waters rose, the wind blew, and the house built on the rock stood but the house built on sand crumbled. If you've been in church much, you've heard this parable and the sermon on it usually focuses on building your home on the solid rock of Jesus.

Great advice.

But the speaker tonight approached things differently. He wanted us to notice that, regardless of what you built your house on--a solid or shifting foundation--the rains would come, the flood waters would rise, and the winds would rage. Yes, build your house on a good foundation, but expect the rains, floods, and winds.

My guess is the graduates got little or nothing from this last lecture of a favorite teacher. Until you've been through a storm or two--one of them a "biggie"--you don't appreciate the wisdom.

There's much more I'd like to say, but it's nearly midnight and my brain is shutting down. Plus my hubby is sighing and making faces. I guess I'd better sign off for now.

More to come.

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