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Done, done, and DONE!

Last week, I was almost done with "Cowboy Competition." This week, I not only got that sent off to the publisher, I also got a chapter done for a serial story releasing later this summer. I'll have more information about that coming soon, but it's the reason I'm so late posting today.

While I was typing my chapter today, I had movers packing up my Christmas decorations to send to my daughter. Yesterday, I had the same moving company here to send loveseats, books, a queen-sized bed, and my good china to our son. The army will save money by sending two shipments of stuff to opposite ends of the country instead of paying for storage for the three years we are in Alaska.

So...three huge things are D-O-N-E. By this time next week, I'll have packers here boxing up our remaining household goods for the move. Crazy! It also means I might not post for a bit. However, I bought a new camera to take lots of pictures as we go cross-country, through Canada, and up to Alaska.

Should be interesting!

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