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Done, done, and (almost) DONE!

"Cowboy Competition" is officially done, edited, and has passed the hubby's red pen session. All I have to do now is incorporated hubby's edits and send it off to Barbour. But incorporating hubby's edits is always--hmmm, how shall I put this--an interesting challenge. He reads things so literally that sometimes my similies and metaphors are lost on him. The women who edit never have trouble with them, though, so...yeah.

Last novella, I had the same problem. My solution was to take any suggestions he had if they were in the male character's point of view. If they were in the female's, I left what I'd written. I hope that works.

What's nice is that my husband cares enough to read and edit for me. He catches things everyone else misses because he never assumes he knows what the next word is. He actually reads. Every. Single. Word. He also never likes to criticize something without offering a suggestion. For example, I wrote "Sure as sure..." He didn't like that and suggested, "Sure as cow's milk..."


And so it goes.

Gotta run. Packers are showing up today to estimate time and boxes needed to move us out in a couple weeks, and I'm still in my gym clothes. Eeep!

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