• Becca Whitham

My Finest Day (Not!)

Today was not my finest day.

I have author brain. I also have a Little Miss Mercy brain, and as I watched the news and scrolled through my Facebook feed, I'll admit I got overwhelmed with all the Coronavirus news. I took the weight of the world onto my shoulders.

It doesn't belong there.

So I took some time to pray. It wasn't a very sophisticated prayer and it didn't last long. Basically I just said, "Help me, Lord!" And He showed up. It was quiet. I might have missed it had I not just asked for His presence to comfort me. I was closing my blinds preparing to head upstairs for bed. We live on a busy corner, so I've gotten into the habit of closing my blinds at night. (I don't really care for everyone to see me the following morning in my jammies before I've had my cup of tea.) And there on my lawn were four deer contentedly munching on the grass and acorns leftover from Fall.

The key word of that sentence is contentedly.

Their lives hadn't fundamentally shifted. They weren't worried about shortages or stock market crashes or what the world was going to look like tomorrow. They were just eating their dinner. One of them looked right at me. Maybe my author brain was still in overdrive, but I swear he said, "Peace be with you."

So now I'm off to bed. May tomorrow be a better day...for all of us.

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