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Do you ever get overwhelmed by life? I do. And I am right now. Nothing bad, plenty of good, and lots of just stuff. Short version, I flew to Washington State for some big, extended family events, spent a week with my best friend while we traveled to Montana so I could accept the Spur Award, came home to a bunch of "to do" items which had piled up while I was gone, am getting ready to leave next week for another writing conference after which I'll fly straight to my husband's military endorsers conference, am looking forward to a cruise down the Danube River in August, and somewhere in all of that I need to write a book.

That's why you haven't seen much of me.

I promise I will post pictures and give you a full update on everything, but right now I'm simply trying to keep my head above water.

In the meantime, here's my favorite picture from the Spur Awards. It was a lovely evening, and I was so nervous, the speech I'd rehearsed flew out of my head. For the life of me, I can barely remember a word I said. I might have cried a bit, too.

Or a lot.

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